Friday, December 31, 2010

47,916 inches... the last
few minutes
of the final hour...

of 2010
i collapsed
in a good way
by bolts and bolts
of fabric
never in my wildest
would i have predicted
that would happen
i have been blessed
beyond measure
this year
in so many ways
yet how do we
measure success
in 1,331 yards
47, 916 inches
sold in one week
i think not
it is in the faces
of the people we have met
it is in the hands of the
the quilters we have greeted
it is in the hearts of the
friends we have made
such an amazing year it has been
thank you to everyone
who has been apart of our journey
see you next year

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

sweet confections..

so cute
are these little
bags finished
they look so sweet
sweet like candy
good enough to eat
zippy strippy by
now onto finishing
the next...

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

a half century...

happy birthday
to my
amazing hubby...
a man who deserves
so much more
than he receives
yet rarely complains
a man who dedicated
his life to a daughter
others might wish to ignore
a man who makes time to
cheer his
children on from
the sidelines
both stages and stadiums
a man who has built
an enterprise worthy
of passing onto
the next generation
a man who supports
my interests
and need for creativity
a man who puts
the needs
of his wife and children
before his own
a man who is willing
to reach out to friends
in need
a man
who is not afraid
to stand up for what
he believes in
happy birthday honey
i love you more
than ever before

Monday, December 20, 2010


i'm sure
this snuggle
baby pink
for this project
so soft and

Friday, December 17, 2010

zippy strippy...

i am digging
this clever technique...
using fusible fleece
and lots of little

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

a passion for paisley...

i'm often asked
to pick a
favorite fabric...
i would never
be able to choose
just one
yet all the best
would likely be
a paisley
i just love them
the randomness
the swirls
the overlapping
and touching colors
the dots
this one from blush
by basicgrey
would be high on my list
i guess that's why it is the backing
on the lastest quilt

Sunday, December 12, 2010


there is
... therapeutic actually
when the
needle comes up
for the last time
through the binding
a project

Sunday, December 5, 2010

my new briefcase...

as i was
what i needed...
to bring home for the weekend
i realized this is my new briefcase
i've traded the leather coach
for a
35th anniversary moda market tote
i've replaced mountains of paper
with piles of fabric
i've traded highlighters
rick rack
i've traded legislative reviews
i've traded ap wire newsfeeds
creative blogs
i've traded power suits
paisley tunics
i've traded
system crashes
jammed sewing machines
i've traded industry conferences
international quilt market
i've traded
complaining co-workers
happy customers
how very, very lucky
and grateful
i am

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

loving shock...

today it was
and blowing...
and downright frigid
the first for us
in cleveland
this year
i did not get out of the store
until well after six
and then i had to run
to the post office and
the grocery store
my body hurt and
my head was aching
it was almost 7:30 when i opened
the garage door
i had to do a double take
blink my eyes
three or four times
standing before me was
my oldest son
on a clear garage floor
he was even directing me to pull in
on the clean floor
i couldn't do it
not without taking a picture first
it has been three
long, cold, snowy years
ever since we had to move
the contents of the entire house
out here
after discovering
the great water fiasco of '07
the day the family room
became a swimming pool
it will seem so strange
to be able to get right into
my car in the morning
no scrapping ice off the
car windows
no need to preheat for ten minutes
such a treat
i'm in shock really
love that son of mine
thanks tj

Sunday, November 28, 2010

in a manger...

so sweet
baby is...
. laying in a manger...

Saturday, November 27, 2010

hand stitching...

it has been
a long time
for me...
hand stitched applique
the look is so clean
so fresh
so appropriate for this
newest project...

Thursday, November 25, 2010

creating memories...

i have
that are...
tj and sarah ~ 1993
priceless to me
some remind me
of a certain
day or event
a holiday
and then there are
the extra special ones
that remind me of
something i've created too
with my hands
and the god given talent
that i'm so grateful for
i can't imagine life without
happy thanksgiving everyone

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

sweet cravings...

oh i love
a really good...
... reason
to make all things delicious
like my favorite
hobble cobble
there is a new little
addition this
do you see it...

Sunday, November 21, 2010

dating myself...

oh silly me
what was
i thinking...
i walked thru the doors of
three big box stores
in search of a boom box
a simple cd player
with speakers
they thought i was joking
just download your cd's
put them into a computer
the first guy said
and then what
i asked
upload them on your mp3 player
oh seriously
i'm going to spend all that time
to just listen to a
few christmas cd's
in the next store
they thought i was
like ancient history
in a time warp
out of touch
at last i found this one
it will also play my ipod
which i do own
although it's a hand me down
from my oldest son
the very first model
i just don't want to
take the time to put a bunch
of holiday music on it
maybe i am dating myself
but then i have to ask
if it involves six
different steps
twice the amount of time
and three pieces of equipment
is that progress

Friday, November 19, 2010

all backed up...

it's been lurking
in the back
of my mind...
it just makes sense
but then so do many things
that never get done
until i read two blogs
who had horrid things happen
went swimming
in wine
oh that could have so been me
just last weekend
and then the new virus
coming through sites like yahoo
that was enough
i ceased work on my computer
until last night
when my sweet honey
hooked me up with
an external hard drive
my new best friend
i'm all backed up
and it's always working
any time something new
hits my keyboard
it goes directly to
that external hard drive
so now i ask
how safe are you
please get yourself sometype
of backup
just for peace of mind

Monday, November 15, 2010

fraternal twins...

don't they look
so cute
side by side...

if you are new
to this blog
it will help clarify
why i'm finally so
excited to have
this newest addition
they are both at the store now
and the funny thing is
i had a customer
offer to buy one
on saturday
sorry no can do i replied
when i told her it
has taken me nearly nine
months to secure the newest
she understood
glad to know i'm not the only one
thinking this model
is one of the last great pfaffs
now i'm trying
to make friends
it's not going well
i think we need a night

Saturday, November 13, 2010

we delight in the beauty...

of the butterfly,
rarely admit
the changes
it has gone through
to achieve that beauty
maya angelo
for so many years the butterfly
has been the symbol
of my sweet sarah's life
purple especially
as it is my favorite color
i had a blessed and touching
experience in the store this week
a sweet loving woman
wearing this pin
i told her how much i liked it
we went about talking
she shared she too had a child
born with down syndrome
some years before the
arrival of our sarah
he spent only a short time on this earth
before he earned his angel wings
as i offered a comforting word or two
she reached up and
unclasped the pin
presenting it to me
two moms
meeting for the first time
yet sharing a bond
deeply rooted
in love and support
thank you from the depths of my heart

Thursday, November 11, 2010

i salute you...

the brave
the mighty
the wounded
all who have served to protect
our freedom
without your sacrifices
we would not be the nation
to stitch in your honor
as a small way of saying
thank you

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

here she is...

i can only say this...
there is no shortage
of buyers and their cash
when it comes to
the pfaff 1473
i've been faithfully bidding
for months and months
and kept loosing
then finally
luck was on my side and
i won!!!
she runs beautifully
and will soon be ready
for use in the store

almost full term...

just today
i realized
this baby...
would be considered
full term
if i was in the birthing way
it was march 4
when the idea was
first conceived
i've been nurturing
and massaging
reading and studying
and even
ever since...

Monday, November 8, 2010

it's packed well...

i admit
was nervous...
not sure what to expect
i was taking a chance
as i sliced open the box top
it appeared to be well packed
hopefully a good sign...

Sunday, November 7, 2010

it has arrived...

but when the box arrives
it sure feels good...

Friday, November 5, 2010

Saturday, October 30, 2010

a halloween ditty...

the scraps
make the...
the best little discovery
sarah and i
whipped this up today
using just the scraps
from our tiny treat bags
made for our
at the store
sometimes the
make the greatest meal
i love her first attempt
at free motion quilting
looks a lot like
the jumbo
rick rack

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

the eensy weensy...

around my...
table topper
love that striped spider fabric
from sanae
just the slightest touch
cleverly designed by terry atkinson
in the
itsy bitsy size

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

pots and pans...

what does this
have to do with
creativity you ask
absolutely nothing
i just wanted to
document the extraordinary find
i headed out last night
after getting my daughters
erratic breathing under control
to get some hooks for a towel rod
and i came upon this
box on clearance
the best part
dishwasher safe
after twenty four plus years
the wedding gifts
are starting to fall apart
as on the floor
when the handle breaks off
in mid flight
to the sink
full of boiling water
not good
i'd never let a sewing machine
go that long
without an update

Sunday, October 24, 2010

switching gears...

i have been having so much fun...
... with fabric and the store
i have not had much time
for stampin'
i was so behind in the
birthday club
i belong to
sorry gals
i needed to do a quick
catch up
in the interest of time
i chose one of my favorite designs
utilizing new colors
i love the 2011 in colors
poppy parade
peach parfait
and pear pizzazz
sounds like a lucious drink
it's always a relaxing night
when i can create with paper and ink

Friday, October 22, 2010

a haunted purple...

for some reason
it's feeling...
like deja vu
have i before seen
a haunted purple mansion
must only be
in my dreams
and my
funky festive
pattern courtesy of
the talents behind
ruby blue studio
by sanae for moda

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

kristen's light...

is shinning
upon us all...
i've been trying to write this post
all evening
between the joy
between the tears
between trying to understand
how a mom goes on
without her girl
i had my family
at the dinner table tonight
all five of them
and we talked
about the power
of reaching out
to help others
how it will make your life
so much more enjoyable
and how the blessings
will come back
the feelings in my heart tonight
are bittersweet
i know my friend polly
has a broken heart
yet such a kind and thoughtful one
to be reaching out to help others
in her own time of need
i am so grateful i
have been able to be involved
in a tiny way
simply by sharing fabric
so her light will always shine

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

which witch...

over the years
i have come to
really enjoy...
the orange and black
a little green
and then all of a sudden
came onto the scene
and now for sure
it is one of my
favorite holidays
love this fabric
by sanae for moda
there is nothing
and the cute
cute, cute, cute
which witch

Sunday, October 17, 2010

minky and me...

in my last post
i declared
my love...
for minky
i know there were a few
of you
if i had lost
my mind
and i'll confess for a short time
i did
i was just so thrilled
with the feel
it's heavenly to work with
when your manikin
is a three ring binder
that's right
the spine
the curves
the just right fit
what am i doing you wonder
just another part of our divine
connections i tell ya
last may
at the chamber of commerce
business to business exhibit
i met brea
and she developed this wonder product
called the story of me
a few months later
she asked me if my workers
at the store
might be able to help
stitch the fabric covers for her
and so sarah and i have been
sewing up a storm
please go to brea's website
you may just want to order
a book or two
especially knowing
the hands now involved

Saturday, October 16, 2010

my newest love...

the first time
i saw your
i was nervous
not sure how you would
treat the machine
it was magical
i needn't have worried
you responded with the ease
of melted butter
sliding thru my fingertips
with the gentle help of idt
you responded so evenly
you enveloped the mannequin
paint on a canvas
wrapping delicately
yet tightly
around the spine
taking the corners
with gentle ease
oh minky
how i love thee...

Thursday, October 14, 2010

ribbons and bows...

brings a smile
to my face
like pictures of my girl
twenty years ago today
hand me down overalls
from her brother
now adorned
with embellishments
of ribbons and bows

Sunday, October 10, 2010

sixty seconds...

how long
it lasted
for just sixty
it was 10 10 10 10 10
i wonder how many
mommas said
hello little one
how many families said
their final goodbyes
how many lovers
kissed for the first time
i wonder how many life decisions
were made that will
bear that moment in time
how many
memories were captured
for eternity
the good and
the not so good
as i remember those sixty short seconds
i hope to remind myself
that life
can be changed
life can be altered
in that tiny amount of time

Friday, October 8, 2010

nearly failed...

geometry again
all these years...
thanks to polly & laurie
otherwise known as
i loved
the minute i saw it
orange, black and a spooky green
yet it was the purple
that got me of course
i thought i would give a try to
treats not tricks
a festive apron they designed
until i looked closer
84 triangles
times two
there were a few times i wished
to rename the pattern
putting tricks before treats
so i bribed myself with some
and kept at it
paying closer attention to the angles
until mission accomplished
so many comments lately
i decided to make up some kits
available in the store
while supplies last
you may even spot me wearing it
out and about

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

it just tastes better...

...there are days
then there are days...
and i
seem to have had a lot
of the later lately
ups and downs
highs and lows
emotional beyond measure
i'm afraid i have not been
weathering the storm
as well as i used to
maybe it's my age
lack of sleep
over two businesses
three kids
a husband
just life in general
i think
it's a whip cream kind of day
with a sprinkle
of nutmeg
and cinnamon too
in the starbucks mug
it just tastes better that way

Sunday, October 3, 2010

i lied...

...a little
i mentioned...
i was heading
to my southern playland
that might have lead
you to believe
i was heading somewhere
and sunny
like closer to the equator
when really
i was heading down
into my creative corner
the basement
it has been so neglected lately
the store has consumed
all my time
that great cutting counter
is now covered
by junk mail
and probably bills
but i wouldn't know it
as i have been throwing
down there
and ignoring it
not anymore
stay tuned...

Saturday, October 2, 2010

my emotional sundae...

October 02, 2010
Capricorn (12/22-1/19)

Anxiety may be the topping on your current emotional sundae, but you can refuse to partake in this dish even when it's served to you on a platter. Postpone any definitive decisions for a few days, or you could make some rash decisions that you'll live to regret. Instead, ground yourself with yoga, meditation or physical activity of some kind. Not only will it take the edge off your anxiety, it'll give you more energy to deal with this situation.
Another yahoo horoscope so spot on it's frightening. I'm off grounding myself in my southern playland. See you next week.

Monday, September 27, 2010

charmed living topper...

a few weeks ago
i had the pleasure...
... of driving
out to madison ohio
while looking about
in the charming store
i discovered an adorable
table topper
a customer informed me
it was a pattern designed
by the store owner's daughter
sure enough
beth told me all about
rebecca and her patterns
this weekend
i stitched my own version
of charmed living topper
complete with a few mistakes
i really should read the directions
still i love how it looks
by deb strain for moda
just the perfect size
and colors for my favorite
time of the year

Monday, September 20, 2010

joy, joy, joy...

today my heart
with happiness...

( photo from Kathy Davis website)

i had a visit with dj
my connection to
free spirit fabrics
for our shop
she unrolled several samples
nice but just not me
and then she
brought my heart to a flutter
there before me
was fabric
i know of her
from the greeting card world
she paints
what i see when i close my eyes
simply joyful
i am excited beyond words

Sunday, September 19, 2010

ribbon hair falls...

i accidentally
upon amazing creations
in my quest
for all things purple
like tonight
ribbon hair falls
the etsy description says
they are seen
from weddings
to roller derbys
which reminds me
that my friend marcia
and i
were going to go see the
now we must

Thursday, September 16, 2010

big boxes = burnt dinner

oh happy day
two boxes
were waiting...
for me when i walked
into the kitchen
last night
i quickly carried them
into my creative room
ran upstairs to
start dinner
then went back to open my boxes
big mistake
i immediately
became so engrossed
in the new
fun stuff
i forgot about dinner...

...until i hear
my youngest son scream
the hash browns
are on fire
i'm surprised the smoke detector
didn't sound
i quickly put the pan outside
in the grill
to cool off
best go to plan b
next time
the family is going to hide
my boxes
until after dinner

Monday, September 13, 2010

i'm feeling a new synergy...

i received
the latest issue
of sew beautiful...
... today
as always
it's better than
eating chocolate
for a short while at least
i first leaf through the pages
and then return to
relish in each
magnificent creation
my quick look through
of issue 132, 2010
revealed a synergy
i haven't seen in quite a while
and i have been reading
sewing magazines for
a long...
...long time
just how far back does my
personal stash go...
early 1991
for threads, and sew news
sew beautiful
and a collection of various quilt
back to this synergy
a new excitement it seems
is it just me
or do the lines seem to be
the parallels extracted
i'm seeing fashions in the quilters editions
and quilts in...
sew beautiful
i'm feeling so happy
energized and thrilled
no longer are exclusions being
it seems
rather a synergy
an interaction of forces
which creates the end result
to be greater than it's parts

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

new ink...

with all the
hustle and bustle
of the new store...
i have been neglecting
my stampin' up!
in an earlier post
i shared the much talked about
color renovation
a complete shake up
of the color palette
i love when new colors
are introduced
gives new life to my creativity
i had yet to order in
any new colors
so today i got busy
to see just what i needed
i can't wait for the box to arrive
i think i will first pair
marina mist
and early espresso
might even throw in
some cherry cobbler
just for fun

Monday, September 6, 2010

new meaning to old photos...

my daughter and i
have been posting
old photos...
on her blog
a look back
twenty years ago today
i think it helps
young families
who have a child with down syndrome
see where we've been
often in the same place they are today
and then see a glimpse into the
possibilities of where they
might be
in twenty years
sarah has taught us so much
she has accomplished
great things
yet even i am sometimes
surprised by what a photo shares
until just recently
i would have only seen the baby
her adorable smile
her cute overalls
embellished by a mom
who sleeps little
worried about her daughter's breathing
i see in that photo
a quilt
that i made
for my parents
a machine pieced log cabin
stitched in the ditch
and tied with yarn
a new technique i learned
after a class at a local quilt store
that i fondly remember
today that same daughter
now a young adult
and i
are putting together a class list
in our own quilt store
not likely
rather another chapter in the
grand master plan
one that has been laid out
from the beginning

Sunday, September 5, 2010

blessed by backing...

it was late
very late
in the evening
i just finished piecing
the border around the acorn
it was becoming a cute wall hanging
for the upcoming fall season
a rich combination of colors
reminding me of my
favorite season in ohio
but where was the backing
i did not seem to have
enough yardage to
complete the project
i hate being in that situation
in the middle of the night
then i remembered
i do have keys
to a store
with fabric
how lucky i thought
and how very truly blessed
it still hasn't totally
sunk in
i now own bolts
not just a stash
with cuts and pieces