Friday, December 31, 2010

47,916 inches... the last
few minutes
of the final hour...

of 2010
i collapsed
in a good way
by bolts and bolts
of fabric
never in my wildest
would i have predicted
that would happen
i have been blessed
beyond measure
this year
in so many ways
yet how do we
measure success
in 1,331 yards
47, 916 inches
sold in one week
i think not
it is in the faces
of the people we have met
it is in the hands of the
the quilters we have greeted
it is in the hearts of the
friends we have made
such an amazing year it has been
thank you to everyone
who has been apart of our journey
see you next year

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

sweet confections..

so cute
are these little
bags finished
they look so sweet
sweet like candy
good enough to eat
zippy strippy by
now onto finishing
the next...

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

a half century...

happy birthday
to my
amazing hubby...
a man who deserves
so much more
than he receives
yet rarely complains
a man who dedicated
his life to a daughter
others might wish to ignore
a man who makes time to
cheer his
children on from
the sidelines
both stages and stadiums
a man who has built
an enterprise worthy
of passing onto
the next generation
a man who supports
my interests
and need for creativity
a man who puts
the needs
of his wife and children
before his own
a man who is willing
to reach out to friends
in need
a man
who is not afraid
to stand up for what
he believes in
happy birthday honey
i love you more
than ever before

Monday, December 20, 2010


i'm sure
this snuggle
baby pink
for this project
so soft and

Friday, December 17, 2010

zippy strippy...

i am digging
this clever technique...
using fusible fleece
and lots of little

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

a passion for paisley...

i'm often asked
to pick a
favorite fabric...
i would never
be able to choose
just one
yet all the best
would likely be
a paisley
i just love them
the randomness
the swirls
the overlapping
and touching colors
the dots
this one from blush
by basicgrey
would be high on my list
i guess that's why it is the backing
on the lastest quilt

Sunday, December 12, 2010


there is
... therapeutic actually
when the
needle comes up
for the last time
through the binding
a project

Sunday, December 5, 2010

my new briefcase...

as i was
what i needed...
to bring home for the weekend
i realized this is my new briefcase
i've traded the leather coach
for a
35th anniversary moda market tote
i've replaced mountains of paper
with piles of fabric
i've traded highlighters
rick rack
i've traded legislative reviews
i've traded ap wire newsfeeds
creative blogs
i've traded power suits
paisley tunics
i've traded
system crashes
jammed sewing machines
i've traded industry conferences
international quilt market
i've traded
complaining co-workers
happy customers
how very, very lucky
and grateful
i am

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

loving shock...

today it was
and blowing...
and downright frigid
the first for us
in cleveland
this year
i did not get out of the store
until well after six
and then i had to run
to the post office and
the grocery store
my body hurt and
my head was aching
it was almost 7:30 when i opened
the garage door
i had to do a double take
blink my eyes
three or four times
standing before me was
my oldest son
on a clear garage floor
he was even directing me to pull in
on the clean floor
i couldn't do it
not without taking a picture first
it has been three
long, cold, snowy years
ever since we had to move
the contents of the entire house
out here
after discovering
the great water fiasco of '07
the day the family room
became a swimming pool
it will seem so strange
to be able to get right into
my car in the morning
no scrapping ice off the
car windows
no need to preheat for ten minutes
such a treat
i'm in shock really
love that son of mine
thanks tj