Wednesday, December 1, 2010

loving shock...

today it was
and blowing...
and downright frigid
the first for us
in cleveland
this year
i did not get out of the store
until well after six
and then i had to run
to the post office and
the grocery store
my body hurt and
my head was aching
it was almost 7:30 when i opened
the garage door
i had to do a double take
blink my eyes
three or four times
standing before me was
my oldest son
on a clear garage floor
he was even directing me to pull in
on the clean floor
i couldn't do it
not without taking a picture first
it has been three
long, cold, snowy years
ever since we had to move
the contents of the entire house
out here
after discovering
the great water fiasco of '07
the day the family room
became a swimming pool
it will seem so strange
to be able to get right into
my car in the morning
no scrapping ice off the
car windows
no need to preheat for ten minutes
such a treat
i'm in shock really
love that son of mine
thanks tj


Carol in E TN said...

What a great son!

kate spain said...

TJ is so nice! Looks like Christmas came a little early for you, Joyce. Hope you and your family enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving. Big hugs to you all! kate