Sunday, October 19, 2008

Good Bye Stamping Room

As the saying goes... All good things must come to an end...

First they fill in the holes where my wonderful rack display system was and then they cover up all my creative wall stampings with primer. Then my favorite teal floor boards get a coat of grey.

The feature wall turns blue.

And the rest of the walls are now grey...sorta boring don't you think?

Does it look like my dad and my son are feeling my pain?

Friday, October 17, 2008

The Sewing Room

Here is the fashion design side of the studio. For years I worked out of a closet and then I took over the living room for a year or so. I still pinch myself when I come down here. In my wildest imagination I would not have envisioned such a wonderful sewing room.

The cutting counter is ten feet long. On one side there are drawers and the other has stools for sitting. One wall has a huge magnetic white board for fast sketching, hanging photos and work orders.

There is a dressing room with a full length mirror and a privacy curtain, a rack for fashion magazines and a closet to hang garments still in production.
And finally, I built in two desk areas for paper work. The light fixtures all contain special bulbs used in surgery rooms. They are pure color and easier on the eyes. A Dream Come True...

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Stamping Room

Welcome to my stamping room. As I begin this creative blogging journey, I thought I would start by showing you where the creative juices flow. I call it the Creative Corner. My family calls it the dungeon where addictions happen. Yes, I have been known to spend the entire night down here. As I say, "at least you know where you can find me. "

Rumor has it, "Organization is the key to happiness." I used to teach a class for the Ohio Arts Council at their annual conference called: "Creating synergy between your right and left brain." So once a year or so, I'd clean up and let the right brain feel good (that's the day I took these photos) but the rest of the year. ..Well let's just say my left brain hemisphere is in warm, fuzzy bliss.

It does help to have a home for all the fun tools.
I became a Stampin' Up! demonstrator in 2003. Mainly, because I was a Girl Scout leader and I turned the girls in my Troop onto the same addictions I have. Each holiday we made 140 treats for the Meals on Wheels program in our city. The Stampin' Up! wheels were great for our projects. But each time I needed to order one, the demonstrator from before had quit the business. know the rest of the story.