Tuesday, December 25, 2012


it's not easy
my husband...
...to surprise me
we work together
we share
 the same bank account
the same credit card
the same schedule
not to mention
she's not so good at
keeping secrets
up until now that is
turns out
they stopped at
my favorite little art gallery
in downtown willoughby
and purchased a set
of purple troll beads
for me
before sarah's music share night
 she finally told me about it
on christmas
i was shocked
which made the gift
all the more special
for all of us
so grateful for
my hubby
 and family

Friday, December 21, 2012

purple bulbs...

and a festive

i had the sweetest
it was from
matt's girlfriend
she created a little
christmas tree
just for me
with mini purple bulbs
silver stars
and a festive, glittered
thank you jessica
so grateful to
share the holidays with you

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

red plaid taffeta...

on the bolt
it was just
plaid taffeta...
red and black taffeta
i'd bought it not sure
what i'd make
then i turned it into
 the bottom
half of a dress for my
sweet sarah
a bow tie
for her handsome brother
even a skirt for me
a sunday afternoon
the 19th of december
my family of four
walked into
the state theater
for a live performance
of the nutcracker
a plain dealer photographer
captured this pose
and soon that red plaid taffeta
became the symbolism
for christmas
nineteen ninety two
i cherish the memories
so very thankful
our girl was
healthy that day
so grateful we
spent the time

Saturday, December 15, 2012

jesus loves the little children...

all the
of the world...
aziza caswell's beautifully heartbreaking casket decorated by her classmates
 ...red and yellow
black and white
they're all precious in his sight
jesus loves the little children
of the world
why must we bury
so many precious
innocent children
my human heart
does not understand
Jesus said, (Matthew 5:4)
"Blessed are those who mourn,
for they shall be comforted 

Monday, December 10, 2012


every year
the kid in me
is so excited...
...when disney on ice
comes to town
this time i really
can't wait
i'm more excited
than a child
on christmas morning
my very own princess
the wild haired
is going to be
 rockin' ever after
and thanks
 to my girl
she has found us seats
in the front row
can't wait

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

sweet warrior princess...

it's been
a hard day
a sad day...

...an unexplainable day
the world has lost
another precious
sweet child
so much like our sarah
born with down syndrome
so many of the same
health concerns
tracheal stenosis
a fragile respiratory system
heart and lung defects
a fighter
a warrior
a survivor
until today
when infection set in
just too much for her little body
my heart breaks in two
thinking of her dear
and her teenage sister
the rest of her family
hug your children today
in loving memory

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

i am the tears of joy...

i had a large
envelope waiting
for me today...
...it's arrival
i do believe
has been planned
for a really long time
nearly fifty three years perhaps
i really do believe
i see here in print
i do deserve
all that my heart
i really do
it's taken many years
to pull back the layers
to stop
 listening to the haters
to the critics
i allowed to run
and nearly ruin
my life
to self acknowledge
that i am not
but that is ok
i am still worthy
and loved
it has taken courage
 to see a note from a friend
and believe it
really believe it
i am the tears of joy
i am
and with that
 i am able to move on
to see that there is something
so powerful
and great
in getting to a place of
i can now hear...
...my own heart sing
for all the right reasons
yes sweet one
you are loved
thank you stephanie
for coming into my life
at just the exact moment
when i needed
you too friend
are loved