Tuesday, December 4, 2012

i am the tears of joy...

i had a large
envelope waiting
for me today...
...it's arrival
i do believe
has been planned
for a really long time
nearly fifty three years perhaps
i really do believe
i see here in print
i do deserve
all that my heart
i really do
it's taken many years
to pull back the layers
to stop
 listening to the haters
to the critics
i allowed to run
and nearly ruin
my life
to self acknowledge
that i am not
but that is ok
i am still worthy
and loved
it has taken courage
 to see a note from a friend
and believe it
really believe it
i am the tears of joy
i am
and with that
 i am able to move on
to see that there is something
so powerful
and great
in getting to a place of
i can now hear...
...my own heart sing
for all the right reasons
yes sweet one
you are loved
thank you stephanie
for coming into my life
at just the exact moment
when i needed
you too friend
are loved

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