Monday, January 30, 2012

first greeting...

when i walk
the front door...

at work in the morning
this is what i see
the best greeting ever
it makes me smile
for which i am grateful
owning a quilt store
i have come to realize
is a lot of work
it never really ends
the pay isn't great
in fact there isn't any
not yet at least
that's a first for me
since i was sixteen
yet somehow
it's the happiest
time in my life

Monday, January 16, 2012

dreamy costumes...

disney on ice
was in town
this weekend...

my daughter and i
never miss going
she lives for anything disney
dare to dream
was the name of this
brand new show
i was silly giddy
when i was able to snag
front row seats
i absolutely love
being up close to
study the costumes
and i have found
when they are
in the first year of rotation
they really shine

i am of course especially
drawn to the creations in purple
whether they be dressed up mice
or gorgeous ballroom gowns

i'll have to admit though
i was also drawn to
minnie's new dress
with layers and layers
of red dot taffeta ruffles
i think it would be exhilarating
working with the
costume design team
for disney
even if just for a little while

Sunday, January 15, 2012

a perfect day

i thought
getting up...

then decided to just
roll over
and take a late morning nap
after finally pulling myself
into the shower
i came downstairs
to find this really
special treat
compliments of the
fiveteen year old son
and his sweet friend
later in the day
the oldest called
along with his sweet friend
to wish me a happy day
early in the evening i
signed onto facebook
to have more than one
hundred birthday greetings
in the evening as i was placing
sarah's breathing mask on
she tenderly placed her hand
on my cheek and wished me
a happy birthday
then told me i was really old
melted my heart
i've never felt more loved
and grateful
thank you everyone

Saturday, January 14, 2012

singing waiters not...

it is no
longer possible
to deny...

...your birthday
electronic reminders
come from many
i just want
to be clear though
it's not the singing
that annoy me
it's when my favorite eatery
sends me an invitation
for a free birthday meal
and the nearest one
is at least
one hundred miles
 ohhh i can taste it now
whole grain tuscan linguine
parmesan crusted chicken
deep sigh
please, please, pretty please
come to cleveland

Sunday, January 8, 2012

chance encounter...

i've often
what happened...

to the brides
who chose me to
 create the gown for
their special day
there was usually
 a specific reason
they wanted a custom creation
i would ask for
an explanation
it helped me understand the
direction we were going
one young woman
told me of a tale involving
ballroom dancing
it was a romantic story
their first dance would be
chorographed by their teacher
and so the dress needed
to accomodate
the twists and turns
this week at the quilt store
in walked
 a new customer
she had been referred by a friend
we got to talking
and sharing
she seemed familiar
nothing really clicked until
she wrote her name
on the email list
and i knew at that moment
it was annie
the beautiful woman
 who wore this dress
almost seventeen years ago
still married with children
i forgot to ask
about the dancing
next time i will

Sunday, January 1, 2012