Monday, January 16, 2012

dreamy costumes...

disney on ice
was in town
this weekend...

my daughter and i
never miss going
she lives for anything disney
dare to dream
was the name of this
brand new show
i was silly giddy
when i was able to snag
front row seats
i absolutely love
being up close to
study the costumes
and i have found
when they are
in the first year of rotation
they really shine

i am of course especially
drawn to the creations in purple
whether they be dressed up mice
or gorgeous ballroom gowns

i'll have to admit though
i was also drawn to
minnie's new dress
with layers and layers
of red dot taffeta ruffles
i think it would be exhilarating
working with the
costume design team
for disney
even if just for a little while

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Haha - DARE TO DREAM my friend - find a way to WORK with them!