Tuesday, November 27, 2012

dreaming of beautiful family memories...

we had a
of a weekend...
i was wondering just
what to write about
how to approach the subject
then today i was cutting
 these labels
from a fabric collection
 by cosmo cricket
and they just spoke to me
a few years ago
i was dreaming large
i had a fantasy
only that vision
 crashed and burned
working through pain and reflecting
i became accutely aware
it was just that
 a fantasy
and what i needed to do
was get to a place of forgiveness
then live my life
 day by day
being ever so thankful
for what i did have
grateful for the simple
things in life
to take in the beauty of it all
and i needed to embrace
my husband
my own sons and daughter
hug and love them
because we are family
and i needed to create
 new dreams
establish new fantasies
with those who
i love
and who love me
so this weekend
we all arrived
at different times
into the same place
we slept in beds
we inflated air mattresses
we dined as
a family
we invited friends
 to join us
we were making memories
our own beautiful times
as we are family

Thursday, November 22, 2012

thanksgiving gratitude...

there are so very many
things to be grateful
for this time of year...
for one
the friendships
i have developed
with some amazing artists
the newest is
stephanie ryan
and website
her watercolor talents
are pure joy for the eyes
sign up for her
small sweet steps of
they are pure joy for the heart
such a great
way to start your morning
today she shares
 Gratitude is the key to abundance! 
 The more grateful you are 
 and the more you sing it 
   from your heart,
 the more beautiful abundance 
 will float into your life.
Think happy, sweet 
  thoughts of gratitude 
 this Thanksgiving 
 and everyday of the year  

Monday, November 19, 2012

the mason jar...

i had the privilege
of spending
an entire weekend...
with my youngest son
in xenia, ohio
it's an event designed
for college coaches to
observe potential players
that in itself
seems nearly impossible
how he can be sixteen
already is mind numbing
time is flying by
much. too. fast
in the middle of the
i let him have the room
 to himself
wink, wink...

...and i took off in pursuit
of nearby quilt shops
 discovered three in a short radius
i just knew as soon as i
pulled in the parking lot
this would be a good one
located in beavercreek, ohio
a suburb of the dayton area
quite close to wright state university
and the air force base
charming in every way
the owner, michele mason
love her play on words
has created an inspiring
 and relaxing venue
full of antiques
 and reproduction fabric
i've definately decided when
it comes to quilt shops
bigger is not always better
same thing holds true
 for soccer players
i've observed
as we were driving home
late last night
my son said to me
he really enjoyed
 our time together
me too matt
me too
we might just have to plan
another little excursion
especially now that we have
katrina and kelsey
ready and willing to hold down
the shop for the day
so very grateful
for all
 that has come my way

Thursday, November 1, 2012

thank you houston

fabric + fun + friendship...
that's what quilt market...
is really all about
and houston
 did not disappoint
on one single thing
for me personally
it is also
 a warm and friendly
where i can take sarah
 i so appreciate that
we had such an
amazing time
we reconnected with
good friends
met new ones too
viewed lots of new fabric
hooked up with
a former neighbor
sarah rode a bull
even learned a few line dances
we ate some great meals...

then we spontaneously
extended our stay
a few extra days
because of hurricane sandy
we went to a bar
where sarah got carded
and then proceeded to order
a glass of milk
we smiled and laughed
a lot
we toured the city
with map, feet and transport chair
we ate lunch in a park
fed a few homeless gals
with the extra bags of food
 we purposely bought
we looked at some really
 old houses...
we met a lovely couple
 from boston
also stranded in texas
they took this picture
right before
 we discovered a tree
planted for jane ellen
we rode a train through
a tunnel full of sharks
we met a mom and her son
in the gift shop
he too had a transport chair
and a trach
and down syndrome
we chatted for a long time
sarah's story
 gave her such hope
then we saw the biggest snake
which freaked us out
big time
and i mean BIG time
body shaking
hysterical screaming
trembling limb freak out
then magically a hidden door
and a handsome young man
came to our rescue
he spoke little english
but saw the fright
on my girl's face
and quickly took us out an
emergency exit
and that's when i recognized
the rescheduled flight
sarah demanding
to hit the aquarium
very late tuesday night
it was all designed
 to be a chapter
of this journey we are on
we help others
so we in turn can
trust another to help us
i am so very, very
i am traveling down
this wonderfully, winding road