Thursday, November 1, 2012

thank you houston

fabric + fun + friendship...
that's what quilt market...
is really all about
and houston
 did not disappoint
on one single thing
for me personally
it is also
 a warm and friendly
where i can take sarah
 i so appreciate that
we had such an
amazing time
we reconnected with
good friends
met new ones too
viewed lots of new fabric
hooked up with
a former neighbor
sarah rode a bull
even learned a few line dances
we ate some great meals...

then we spontaneously
extended our stay
a few extra days
because of hurricane sandy
we went to a bar
where sarah got carded
and then proceeded to order
a glass of milk
we smiled and laughed
a lot
we toured the city
with map, feet and transport chair
we ate lunch in a park
fed a few homeless gals
with the extra bags of food
 we purposely bought
we looked at some really
 old houses...
we met a lovely couple
 from boston
also stranded in texas
they took this picture
right before
 we discovered a tree
planted for jane ellen
we rode a train through
a tunnel full of sharks
we met a mom and her son
in the gift shop
he too had a transport chair
and a trach
and down syndrome
we chatted for a long time
sarah's story
 gave her such hope
then we saw the biggest snake
which freaked us out
big time
and i mean BIG time
body shaking
hysterical screaming
trembling limb freak out
then magically a hidden door
and a handsome young man
came to our rescue
he spoke little english
but saw the fright
on my girl's face
and quickly took us out an
emergency exit
and that's when i recognized
the rescheduled flight
sarah demanding
to hit the aquarium
very late tuesday night
it was all designed
 to be a chapter
of this journey we are on
we help others
so we in turn can
trust another to help us
i am so very, very
i am traveling down
this wonderfully, winding road

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