Sunday, February 23, 2014


if i had
to do over...

i would buy
a lot less crap
i've been cleaning
out my mother's stuff
for weeks now
still have a garage full
onto our house i go
last night when
i went to bed
this was my living room
i have nightmares
about it
so very unnecessary
it is just awful
the amount of money
we waste on
needless junk
and then
we hoard
like it's treasure
not so
it's mostly
dust mite collecting
or worse
mold and mildew
we could and
learn to live
with so much less
my goal for
this year is to
follow the
that is
once i rid the house
of all
unnecessary stuff
our happiness
depends on it

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

blindly into the night...

last evening
i was
calmly driving...
when all of a sudden
 it started snowing
within moments
it was nearing
white out conditions
it was hard
 to see what
was in front
of me
i slowed to a
just making sure
i was staying
on course
then as i gained a
bit more confidence
i eased my foot
further down
on the gas pedal
keeping faith
that the road
 was still
before me
and isn't that how
we live life
we have no idea
what tomorrow holds
the next minute
or hour really
we slowly
build up confidence
develop a faith
there will be
a reason to go
and then we do
one foot in front
of the other
like a white out
in the darkness of