Saturday, July 31, 2010

best wishes to beth & aaron...

...the purple writing
on the envelope
was a tiny preview...
of what i found inside
amazing detail
by a talented graphic artist
a friend of the bride
the small letters caught my attention
along with the colors
they raised my expectation
for the flowers
and they did not disappoint
oh the purple beauty
it was grand
the minute cathy walked
through the doors
her beauty
her smile, her warm personality
her lovely lavendar dress
illuminated the room
a gorgeous mother-of-the-bride
her dignity and strength
did not go unnoticed
a shining example
for the rest of us
debbie, kim and cathy
we are so blessed to have
on our team
john and i are so grateful
for their hard work
and friendship
best wishes to the adorable couple
may their lives be blessed
with happiness and

Friday, July 30, 2010

a precious purple princess...

the past few weeks
have been a little
hard on my soul...
and then i saw this beauty
and my heart just melted
is she not the sweetest
meet kaitlyn
in all her purple prettiness
. i just want to scoop her up
she is so precious
she was born almost twenty years
to the day of our sweet sarah
i have been following
for a while now
takes me back to those
early days
with fond memories

Monday, July 26, 2010

kristen's light will always shine...

life's lessons surround us
some are crystal clear
others not so much...

several months ago
when my daughter sarah
first showed interest in sewing
i searched for an appropriate
item to start her on
i was lead to a website
the concept was simple
to make pillowcases
for others to enjoy
while they slept in hospitals or shelters
sarah immediately jumped on the idea
and set out to make a pillowcase
for her blogging friend
kristen was in the midst of treatment
of her fourth battle with leukemia
sarah learned to sew
kristen enjoyed her pillowcases
then the unthinkable happened
just this past week
kristen 's battle was over
her body set free of the pain
that morning i received an email
so did polly
it was from juliet at etsy
they wanted to use the story
on their worldwide
i deferred to the kirton's
not sure how they would feel
having just lost their precious daughter
polly had already responded
she gave her permission
the entry posted
as of today there are
from readers who have no connection
to down syndrome
they are seeing two beautiful women
kristen's light continuing to shine
to make the world a better place
to read the entry click here
be sure to scroll down to read the comments
i am humbled beyond words
that i was permitted to
be a part of this life lesson

Friday, July 23, 2010

the love of a family...

my heart is in
draper, utah
this morning...
where a dear mother
must say her
earthly goodbyes
to her precious daughter
a beautiful young woman
who taught us all
so very much
about life and living
strength and dignity
courage and hope


where a dear father
is letting go
of his princess
for a time
until they meet again
where a selfless brother
gave of his own bone marrow
to try to help his sister
beat this nasty awful disease
called cancer

where two sisters
readily agreed to hasten
their wedding plans
so their sister
might attend
it's not often
that a family
so genuinely cares
so openly shares
so we might all
from their example
of faith and trust

please lift up the kirton's
in your prayers
is now also
our angel
bless you dear family

Monday, July 19, 2010

at it again...

this is such
a new me...
i'm tree lawn picking
another adorable table
it's the perfect legs
i notice first
just waiting for it's next life
i promise it will be
a good one

Sunday, July 18, 2010

not exactly notions...

i spotted
this pile
as i was leaving...
our store today
it belongs to the painter
at first glance
seemed to be a mess
over in the corner
upon closer inspection
i realize it
is a neat pile
of miscellaneous treasure
each item needed
for some specific task
to complete
the job
not exactly notions
just like my sewing room
a collection of stuff
to have just the perfect tool
at just the right time

Friday, July 16, 2010

a package full of inspiration...

i've been receiving
a lot of packages
fabric, trims and patterns
supplies, racks and mannequins
and they have all been
exciting to open
today i had a very special delivery
the minute i saw
the return address i knew
what it was
i don't think there
has ever been
a story
that has touched me more
it's a modern day love story
better than
romeo and juliet
but it is so much more
it's a story full of inspiration
dogged determination
motherly love
four adorable children
an extended family
dedicated beyond measure
and faith
incredible unwavering faith
in my pursuit for
bettering myself
i want to know more
i'm curious about that faith
it seems to nurture families
in a special way
not to say i will become mormon
but it never hurts to increase your
understanding of others
i will always treasure this gift
for the incredible strength
it represents
of an incredible woman
and her family
thank you stephanie nielson

Thursday, July 15, 2010

fabulous fandango...

it used to be
i was elated
when a box...
with one charm pack
one jelly roll
and maybe a layer cake too
i am loudly screaming
and jumping for joy
as a box full of
arrives on my doorstep
4 jelly rolls
4 layer cakes
and 24 charm packs
why so many
oh that is a little secret
but it involves
door prizes
during grand opening week
check over here for more details

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

coffee, tea, or...

i have a
super hard
working crew...
over at the site
of our new fabric store
we had a little party
to celebrate a birthday
for one of the painters
i thought it would be nice
to offer up some drinks
coffee, tea, or no not me
just water
the thing is
i feel like i need
to be wrapped in plastic
when i go in there
if only i could photoshop
my body
in real life

Saturday, July 10, 2010

close to home...

what is with
my horoscope lately...

i do love taking photos
and movies
creating scrapbooks
making media videos
all my photos are organized
in albums
by date
i save all my cd cards
and have them labeled by date too
i've been sharing them on sarah's blog
and recently made a 25 year
memory album for a cousin
but how did the horoscope writer know that...

Thursday, July 8, 2010

the shirt...

i'm not
much of a
sports gal...
but the entire country
was about to witness
the decision
being from cleveland
it seemed
like the right thing to do
so i sat down at 9 o clock
and tuned into espn
the announcement didn't take long
lebron was heading for the heat
and while my city collapsed
in many different forms of anguish
i just kept staring at
the shirt
the man chose a
purple gingham plaid shirt
to wear
to dis his homeland
tiny purple checks
i wonder if he called gloria on that one

better than candy...

in my
12 days of christmas
i adore this collection
such the perfect blend
of holiday fun
and colorful whimsy
along with
subtle sophistication
contemporary flair
a combination
so pleasing for my new projects

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

hot, hot, hot...

'twas a lazy
hazy day
in Cleveland
the kind of day
to just lay by the pool
drink lemonade
while reading a good book
i was running around
meeting city building inspectors
insurance agents
bankers and such
then came dinner with my
friend lisa
always love spending time with her
she's so full of life
kind hearted
thoughtful and caring
perfect ending to a busy hot day

Sunday, July 4, 2010

raiding treelawns...

i've never been
treasure seeker...
you know
someone who lurks
around scoping treelawns
on garbage nights
to find treasure
amongst someone else's
thursday night i made a late night run
to the grocery store
and when i came home
i spotted this
cute little table
in a neighbor's
with their garbage
so i called my son on his cell phone
and whispered
so no one would hear
meet me at the end of the cul-de-sac
for a secret mission
then we
quickly snuck it into our garage
for safe keeping...

Saturday, July 3, 2010

sensational sharpies...

i've been
my empty...
ink cartridges at staples
today i received
a voucher for $20.00
i already picked out what i wanted
oh how i love to design
sharpie markers
the texture, the fat point, the smell
i feel so lucky
i've never had 24 colors before

Thursday, July 1, 2010

thank you mr. 934521

i looove
i know what you're thinking
how can you love
washing machine
i've had several
over the years
this is the only one
with a true
hand wash cycle
that doesn't shred my fabric
but all of a sudden
it was screaming for attention
i've never heard such sounds
and then the spinner died
not to worry
mr. 934521 was here
she's humming peacefully again