Friday, July 16, 2010

a package full of inspiration...

i've been receiving
a lot of packages
fabric, trims and patterns
supplies, racks and mannequins
and they have all been
exciting to open
today i had a very special delivery
the minute i saw
the return address i knew
what it was
i don't think there
has ever been
a story
that has touched me more
it's a modern day love story
better than
romeo and juliet
but it is so much more
it's a story full of inspiration
dogged determination
motherly love
four adorable children
an extended family
dedicated beyond measure
and faith
incredible unwavering faith
in my pursuit for
bettering myself
i want to know more
i'm curious about that faith
it seems to nurture families
in a special way
not to say i will become mormon
but it never hurts to increase your
understanding of others
i will always treasure this gift
for the incredible strength
it represents
of an incredible woman
and her family
thank you stephanie nielson

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