Friday, July 23, 2010

the love of a family...

my heart is in
draper, utah
this morning...
where a dear mother
must say her
earthly goodbyes
to her precious daughter
a beautiful young woman
who taught us all
so very much
about life and living
strength and dignity
courage and hope


where a dear father
is letting go
of his princess
for a time
until they meet again
where a selfless brother
gave of his own bone marrow
to try to help his sister
beat this nasty awful disease
called cancer

where two sisters
readily agreed to hasten
their wedding plans
so their sister
might attend
it's not often
that a family
so genuinely cares
so openly shares
so we might all
from their example
of faith and trust

please lift up the kirton's
in your prayers
is now also
our angel
bless you dear family


Patchwork Penguin said...

Wow..... thank you so much. Sometimes a little kick in the pants is needed to remember just how precious family is.

kate spain said...

Oh my heart goes out to this dear family and their selfless sacrifices to help each other. Keeping an awareness of life's fragility is such an essential part of human connections. Not always easy to keep in the foreground, but always good to be reminded of. Thank you for sharing this, joyce. hugs, kate

Rochelle said...

Truly beautiful Joyce. We have been following them via Sarah's blog for months now. Many continued prayers for them in their time of grief.