Monday, July 26, 2010

kristen's light will always shine...

life's lessons surround us
some are crystal clear
others not so much...

several months ago
when my daughter sarah
first showed interest in sewing
i searched for an appropriate
item to start her on
i was lead to a website
the concept was simple
to make pillowcases
for others to enjoy
while they slept in hospitals or shelters
sarah immediately jumped on the idea
and set out to make a pillowcase
for her blogging friend
kristen was in the midst of treatment
of her fourth battle with leukemia
sarah learned to sew
kristen enjoyed her pillowcases
then the unthinkable happened
just this past week
kristen 's battle was over
her body set free of the pain
that morning i received an email
so did polly
it was from juliet at etsy
they wanted to use the story
on their worldwide
i deferred to the kirton's
not sure how they would feel
having just lost their precious daughter
polly had already responded
she gave her permission
the entry posted
as of today there are
from readers who have no connection
to down syndrome
they are seeing two beautiful women
kristen's light continuing to shine
to make the world a better place
to read the entry click here
be sure to scroll down to read the comments
i am humbled beyond words
that i was permitted to
be a part of this life lesson

1 comment:

Adelaide Dupont said...

We will never forget Kristen.

Sarah and Kristen's friendship lasted a long time.