Sunday, July 28, 2013

wings of a friend...

it's been a rather
hard week
for many reasons...
it felt like i'd been
 in the gut
more than once
life is hard
i get that
but add a child with
mental challenges
 to the mix
and it is often
not the disability itself
rather the adults
around us that should
know better
but elect to not think
or just not care
by friday i
was emotionally
about done
so i decided
we needed a break
a quiet night at the pool
before that would
happen though
i had to jump through
a few ridiculous
in the midst of the chaos
we stopped
at the construction site
where a house
 is being built
for sarah
for her grandparents
at first
i had to coax
her out of the car
but once we got
to the back of the lot
all of a sudden
her face illuminated
as she spotted
a beautiful butterfly
she perfectly announced
it was her friend
her enthusiasm
at that moment
was contagious
to the builder
and to me
i have no doubt
kristen flew in
to bring comfort
to us all
for the rest of the day
was perfect
 in everyway

Thursday, July 18, 2013

thursday thought

oh the memories
of dancing
 with the groom...

i see trees of green 
 red roses too 
 i see 'em bloom 
for me and for you 
and I think to myself 
what a wonderful world 
 i see skies of blue 
clouds of white 
 bright blessed days 
dark sacred nights 
 and I think to myself 
what a wonderful world 
the colors of a rainbow 
so pretty in the sky 
are also on the faces 
of people going by 
 i see friends shaking hands 
sayin' how do you do 
they're really say'in 
i love you 
 i hear babies cry 
i watch them grow 
they'll learn much more 
than i'll ever know 
 and I think to myself 
 what a wonderful world 
wonderful indeed
i'll love you always son

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

a new chapter...

so very proud
of my parents
as they begin...
...the next chapter
of their lives
after forty six years
in the same house
they have happily
agreed to move
into a brand new home
as a trio
with their granddaughter
by their side
the three of them
will become a unit
watching out
 for each other
caring for one another
and growing together
it's never too late
to begin
so grateful that
we have this opportunity
for our entire family
i think this will be
an incredible experience
for all of us
it just feels so right