Friday, July 20, 2012

in kristen's memory...

this day
will always
be etched...
. our mind
july 20th is the day
the kirton's lost their
beloved kristen
the day they held her
 in their arms
as she took her last breath
the day her siblings
had been dreading
yet they knew
was inevitable
so they selflessly
moved their wedding days
on a few days notice
to an earlier date
so kristen could attend
i thankfully have not yet
buried a child
although i know
the possibility is there
it often lurks
 in the dark hours of night
and when it does
i think of kristen
and how brightly
 her light still shines 
and how i know
in my heart
we would not be
where we are today
without kristen
i think of how much  good
has come from her
and what she was
able to teach us before
she had to say goodbye
my heart is heavy
as i write this
for polly and her family
left behind to grieve
with a void
 that never goes away
we are so very grateful
to have been given the
honor and privelege
of being introduced to
this wonderful family
not a coincidence i'm sure
but rather by design
some love tonight

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