Friday, July 6, 2012

bottoms up...

i simply can't
i am sharing...

a photo of a box
and retelling this story
are you ready
for what might seem like
deja vu
i bid on another pfaff 1475
and then i left town
 when i returned home
i had a message from ebay
i was the lucky highest bidder
jumping for joy
i quickly paid for my favorite
sewing machine...

it arrived today
in a perfectly wrapped box
i carefully sliced the tape open
and then gasped loudly
as i removed the top layer
of the pretty blue padding
to discover
the poor thing
 had traveled across america
upside down
i suddenly felt like an ob/gyn
trying to decide
whether to reach in
with forceps
 or gently rotate
from the bottoms up position
after consulting
with my team
i opted
to turn the box on it's side
and gently slide her out
simply hoping to give life
to my new baby
in an otherwise
nauseating world...

it appears our efforts
were in vain
as i inverted her
to the standing position
pieces and parts
 began to fall
in every which direction...

as i stared down into the box
i wasn't sure what to do
laugh at my own
repeat of a mistake
or cry
 for the mind
that packed this delivery
 whatever were they thinking...

as i held the broken pieces
between my calloused
thumb and forefinger
i recalled the last time
i had won
realizing i'm
averaging three to two
and sixty percent
is better
than none