Wednesday, July 11, 2012

it's a lemon cooler...

how many times
a day do you
get lemons...
the quilt, which has nothing to do with the post i just love it,
is by shirley lips of  the quilt haus in greenback tennessee 
and currently hanging in jellen's house of fabric
...thrown your way
i thought i might
have had a lemon
you know
i won on ebay
i wrote a note
to the seller
being as nice as i could be
but still stating that i was
a tad miffed the
girl had been hanging
the entire way from seattle
my hopes were not high
in fact i'd already written
it off to another lesson learned
well that's probabaly not the truth
as i will bid again
you know i will
today i opened my email
and guess what
read this one for yourself

I'm sorry to hear that your machine arrived broken. Rest assured we took great care when packing and shipping it, but unfortunately these things sometimes still do happen.
I will email you a shipping label so that you can return the broken machine at no charge to you. Simply re-pack the machine, tape the box closed, print out and attach the label, and then take it to your local UPS shipping center at your convenience. What email would you like the shipping tag sent to?
Then we have a few options: I will check to see if we have another 1475 that we can send you, or we can try to repair your damaged 1475, or I can give you a full refund (including shipping). Please let me know which of these options you would like us to pursue.
Thank you
well how about that
an honest joe
assuming and accepting
and making good
truly made my day
just like a refreshing
lemon cooler
on a hot and humid
summer day

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