Tuesday, July 2, 2013

a new chapter...

so very proud
of my parents
as they begin...
...the next chapter
of their lives
after forty six years
in the same house
they have happily
agreed to move
into a brand new home
as a trio
with their granddaughter
by their side
the three of them
will become a unit
watching out
 for each other
caring for one another
and growing together
it's never too late
to begin
so grateful that
we have this opportunity
for our entire family
i think this will be
an incredible experience
for all of us
it just feels so right


Kim said...

I'm SO excited to watch this unfold! Xoxo

Joyce said...

From facebook: 116 people like this...

Leslie Ann Wonderful news

Jill Trueland Rooney Answered prayers!! Thanks for posting, that is wonderful!!

Jeri L. Ciraolo Sounds like the perfect solution!

Margo Wortham wonderful, wtg Sarah.....what a blessing.

Susan Campbell Beall So glad it's working out for you, and that everyone is looking forward to the changes that are coming.

Laura Moraghan Holzheimer How wonderful for u all!

Donna Reed Montibello That is wonderful for you all.

Katie Winkky Liekoski Sounds perfect.

Sue Sandritter An answer to prayer. So glad.

Betsy Carter Booth That's great----I've been meaning to write to your mom.

Linda Martin So glad to hear the plans. It can't happen soon enough, I'm sure!

Janice Maze I am happy for you and your parents