Sunday, February 23, 2014


if i had
to do over...

i would buy
a lot less crap
i've been cleaning
out my mother's stuff
for weeks now
still have a garage full
onto our house i go
last night when
i went to bed
this was my living room
i have nightmares
about it
so very unnecessary
it is just awful
the amount of money
we waste on
needless junk
and then
we hoard
like it's treasure
not so
it's mostly
dust mite collecting
or worse
mold and mildew
we could and
learn to live
with so much less
my goal for
this year is to
follow the
that is
once i rid the house
of all
unnecessary stuff
our happiness
depends on it

1 comment:

JEllen said...

Tammy Hodson This! Totally this! I have gotten rid of so much STUFF! And I still find more stuff to get rid of. And it's not because I'm buying more stuff cause we too broke to buy much of anything these days! But YES, I'm trying so hard to teach this to my children. Less crap makes for a MUCH happier life!
6 hours ago · Like

Mary Andriacchi Janiczek I am embarrassed at the amount of crap I have bought, stashed, stuffed, and thrown out. So much wasted money. It kills me to think what I could do with that money now.
6 hours ago · Like

Karen Allen Boger I had to clean out my mothers house after she passed away. I had to rent a storage building and go through it there so over whelming. And yes we could have used the money much more than nick nacks
5 hours ago · Like

Jaime Vanchura it will be a blessing to give that gift to your loved ones--we have seriously downsized