Monday, November 19, 2012

the mason jar...

i had the privilege
of spending
an entire weekend...
with my youngest son
in xenia, ohio
it's an event designed
for college coaches to
observe potential players
that in itself
seems nearly impossible
how he can be sixteen
already is mind numbing
time is flying by
much. too. fast
in the middle of the
i let him have the room
 to himself
wink, wink...

...and i took off in pursuit
of nearby quilt shops
 discovered three in a short radius
i just knew as soon as i
pulled in the parking lot
this would be a good one
located in beavercreek, ohio
a suburb of the dayton area
quite close to wright state university
and the air force base
charming in every way
the owner, michele mason
love her play on words
has created an inspiring
 and relaxing venue
full of antiques
 and reproduction fabric
i've definately decided when
it comes to quilt shops
bigger is not always better
same thing holds true
 for soccer players
i've observed
as we were driving home
late last night
my son said to me
he really enjoyed
 our time together
me too matt
me too
we might just have to plan
another little excursion
especially now that we have
katrina and kelsey
ready and willing to hold down
the shop for the day
so very grateful
for all
 that has come my way

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