Tuesday, November 27, 2012

dreaming of beautiful family memories...

we had a
of a weekend...
i was wondering just
what to write about
how to approach the subject
then today i was cutting
 these labels
from a fabric collection
 by cosmo cricket
and they just spoke to me
a few years ago
i was dreaming large
i had a fantasy
only that vision
 crashed and burned
working through pain and reflecting
i became accutely aware
it was just that
 a fantasy
and what i needed to do
was get to a place of forgiveness
then live my life
 day by day
being ever so thankful
for what i did have
grateful for the simple
things in life
to take in the beauty of it all
and i needed to embrace
my husband
my own sons and daughter
hug and love them
because we are family
and i needed to create
 new dreams
establish new fantasies
with those who
i love
and who love me
so this weekend
we all arrived
at different times
into the same place
we slept in beds
we inflated air mattresses
we dined as
a family
we invited friends
 to join us
we were making memories
our own beautiful times
as we are family

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