Friday, October 26, 2012


there are a few
select words
i wanted to...
put next to
 the title of this post
but then i did not want to
ruffle any feathers with
the faa
 as i have been told
they do not seem to have
 a sense of humor
you already know they
took away our right
to have
a tiny little pair of sewing
on any flight
not to worry
stitchers are a clever bunch
and soon we discovered
a dental floss container
would work just fine
to cut the thread
alas i had a very productive
flight down to houston
these little paper pieces
take me back to
 my very beginning
days of quilting
so happy to see them
surface once again
the fabric
cuzco by kate spain

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kate spain said...


So glad you're in Houston safe and sound.