Friday, October 5, 2012

a miracle indeed...

just about this time
four years ago
life started to take...
a twist and a turn
sarah's health was failing
right before our eyes
i recently came across this pic
and posted it on facebook
 with the following caption...

Do you believe in miracles? I'm currently uploading photo cards from prior years. This pic just caught me by surprise. It was taken about three months after I left my job in 2009 to care for Sarah fulltime. Her doctor suggested it was time to write a dx of COPD and bring in hospice, as there was nothing more they could do for her. Looking at her tiny frail body, I can almost see why. I am so thankful I was given the courage and strength to not give up on her. Thankful too that my hubby was able to step up his business so we could continue to pay the bills. To-date, we have been hospital free now for 3 1/2 years-the longest stretch in Sarah's 23 years of life.
the seventy two likes
and many comments
took my breath away
it seems our girl
is an inspiration
to many
it's a good reminder to me
to follow the lead
of our creator
the path that is ours
has been masterfully
and i know now
more than ever
we are where
we are supposed to be

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Anonymous said...

Kara Andrews Shall
Wow!! I had no idea - you're awesome - both of you!
Tuesday at 8:34pm · Like · 3..

Lisa Cape Lilienthal
I had no idea! She's a miracle!
Tuesday at 8:38pm · Like..

Lacey Robinson
Sarah and you both are our inspirations!!
Tuesday at 8:42pm · Like..

Judy Merrick Newell
God Bless Her, she is Beautiful.
Tuesday at 8:42pm · Like..

Kim Roche Simpson
My favorite part of this is the photo bomb behind you....
Tuesday at 8:44pm · Unlike · 2..

Amy Boroughs
Praise God! :)
Tuesday at 8:55pm · Like..

Kristin Anderson
Tuesday at 9:04pm · Like..

Rochelle Cannon
Totally believe in miracles, thankful your sweet miracle continues to defy the odds.
Tuesday at 9:18pm · Like..

Megan McDowell Ferguson
Kim and I are totally on the same page. Loving the photo bomb!
Tuesday at 9:18pm · Like..

Amy Wakefield
I hadn't heard this story. Glad she is doing so well now.
Tuesday at 9:22pm · Like..

Carole Tortorici Bruno
Go Sarah!
Tuesday at 9:23pm · Like..

Mary Wasserman
I believe in miracles. Forward with hope for Sarah to continue being hospital free. ♥
Tuesday at 9:24pm · Like..

Tammy Hodson
Oh, Joyce, thank you so very much for sharing this. Proof that there are miracles. Thank you. I needed to read this. Thank you for the hope.
Tuesday at 9:25pm · Like..

Stephanie Byrd

Tuesday at 9:29pm · Like..

Val Grace
She's come a long way and I think having her mom consistently by her side made all the difference. Kudos to you for making the right choice.
Tuesday at 9:39pm · Like..

Deborah Burtnett Minner
♥ Love to you Sarah and Joyce!
Tuesday at 10:26pm · Like..

Shelly Turpin
How wonderful for both Mom and daughter! I love your son behind you in that picture.
Tuesday at 10:41pm · Like..

Lisa Broerman
of all the people i have known and all the life stories, Sarah's story is by far the best representation I have of God's hand weaving its way through a person's life...she has always inspired me from the time I was little and I know God has many more plans for her in the future :)
Tuesday at 10:47pm · Like · 2..

Marcia Renton Grove
So wonderful, you are inspiring!
Wednesday at 6:11am · Like..

Stephanie Kaczmarzyk
Just shaking my head her, in awe of Miss Sarah! ♥
Wednesday at 6:31am · Like..

Pam Conlin Kaplan
Love can be miraculous. Hugs to you all & especially tough dads to help see you through to do G-ds will & the courage for you both to just DO IT
Wednesday at 7:26am · Like..

Laurie Pattison Kowalski
What an amazing story--I am so glad that she is doing so well!! Love and hugs to you, Sarah and your whole family!
Wednesday at 2:18pm · Like..

Stacy Lynn
I, too, am so grateful for your family's perseverance. I would not be who I am today if not for you, Mr. Ely and Sarah