Monday, October 22, 2012

justsew to tellsew...

a tiny little thing
or maybe not...
i rarely go to bed
before checking
i love her family so much
her kristen has been
the force behind
so much of what
 sarah and i have created
as i read how her sweet
daughter kim
had taken kristen's coat to the hospital
to wrap up in while she labored
in the birthing room
i could not help but think
that kristen was there
making sure everything
was just perfect
for the delivery of her little niece nora
and so i left a comment
to let polly know that i
truly believe that kristen was there
as i hit the enter tab
my security word was
that is just what we do
we tell people about kristen while we sew
and last week
sarah all of a sudden decided
our new car should have
a special license plate
that reads
because that is what we do
just sew to tell others about
kristen and her light
that always shines

1 comment:

Kristen's mom said...

That's another strange thing, they seem to keep on happening.