Sunday, January 8, 2012

chance encounter...

i've often
what happened...

to the brides
who chose me to
 create the gown for
their special day
there was usually
 a specific reason
they wanted a custom creation
i would ask for
an explanation
it helped me understand the
direction we were going
one young woman
told me of a tale involving
ballroom dancing
it was a romantic story
their first dance would be
chorographed by their teacher
and so the dress needed
to accomodate
the twists and turns
this week at the quilt store
in walked
 a new customer
she had been referred by a friend
we got to talking
and sharing
she seemed familiar
nothing really clicked until
she wrote her name
on the email list
and i knew at that moment
it was annie
the beautiful woman
 who wore this dress
almost seventeen years ago
still married with children
i forgot to ask
about the dancing
next time i will

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