Friday, October 17, 2008

The Sewing Room

Here is the fashion design side of the studio. For years I worked out of a closet and then I took over the living room for a year or so. I still pinch myself when I come down here. In my wildest imagination I would not have envisioned such a wonderful sewing room.

The cutting counter is ten feet long. On one side there are drawers and the other has stools for sitting. One wall has a huge magnetic white board for fast sketching, hanging photos and work orders.

There is a dressing room with a full length mirror and a privacy curtain, a rack for fashion magazines and a closet to hang garments still in production.
And finally, I built in two desk areas for paper work. The light fixtures all contain special bulbs used in surgery rooms. They are pure color and easier on the eyes. A Dream Come True...

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