Wednesday, December 22, 2010

a half century...

happy birthday
to my
amazing hubby...
a man who deserves
so much more
than he receives
yet rarely complains
a man who dedicated
his life to a daughter
others might wish to ignore
a man who makes time to
cheer his
children on from
the sidelines
both stages and stadiums
a man who has built
an enterprise worthy
of passing onto
the next generation
a man who supports
my interests
and need for creativity
a man who puts
the needs
of his wife and children
before his own
a man who is willing
to reach out to friends
in need
a man
who is not afraid
to stand up for what
he believes in
happy birthday honey
i love you more
than ever before


Becky said...

Happy Birthday ! We wish you many more.Trust us when we say you are still young. Don't forget that! Aunt Becky and Uncle Ed

kate spain said...

a little late, but happy birthday!! what a beautiful tribute to your sweet husband. he's such a wonderful person...please say hello to him from me and pete :)