Sunday, October 17, 2010

minky and me...

in my last post
i declared
my love...
for minky
i know there were a few
of you
if i had lost
my mind
and i'll confess for a short time
i did
i was just so thrilled
with the feel
it's heavenly to work with
when your manikin
is a three ring binder
that's right
the spine
the curves
the just right fit
what am i doing you wonder
just another part of our divine
connections i tell ya
last may
at the chamber of commerce
business to business exhibit
i met brea
and she developed this wonder product
called the story of me
a few months later
she asked me if my workers
at the store
might be able to help
stitch the fabric covers for her
and so sarah and i have been
sewing up a storm
please go to brea's website
you may just want to order
a book or two
especially knowing
the hands now involved

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