Friday, October 8, 2010

nearly failed...

geometry again
all these years...
thanks to polly & laurie
otherwise known as
i loved
the minute i saw it
orange, black and a spooky green
yet it was the purple
that got me of course
i thought i would give a try to
treats not tricks
a festive apron they designed
until i looked closer
84 triangles
times two
there were a few times i wished
to rename the pattern
putting tricks before treats
so i bribed myself with some
and kept at it
paying closer attention to the angles
until mission accomplished
so many comments lately
i decided to make up some kits
available in the store
while supplies last
you may even spot me wearing it
out and about

1 comment:

Jenn said...

You should have seen me pressed against my monitor looking at those triangles with fascination! I and just getting the swing of the most basic patchwork...still too scared to try an actual pattern! Don't know what I was thinking in announcing I was making hats for our team to wear at the buddy walk. :)