Saturday, November 13, 2010

we delight in the beauty...

of the butterfly,
rarely admit
the changes
it has gone through
to achieve that beauty
maya angelo
for so many years the butterfly
has been the symbol
of my sweet sarah's life
purple especially
as it is my favorite color
i had a blessed and touching
experience in the store this week
a sweet loving woman
wearing this pin
i told her how much i liked it
we went about talking
she shared she too had a child
born with down syndrome
some years before the
arrival of our sarah
he spent only a short time on this earth
before he earned his angel wings
as i offered a comforting word or two
she reached up and
unclasped the pin
presenting it to me
two moms
meeting for the first time
yet sharing a bond
deeply rooted
in love and support
thank you from the depths of my heart

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