Sunday, November 21, 2010

dating myself...

oh silly me
what was
i thinking...
i walked thru the doors of
three big box stores
in search of a boom box
a simple cd player
with speakers
they thought i was joking
just download your cd's
put them into a computer
the first guy said
and then what
i asked
upload them on your mp3 player
oh seriously
i'm going to spend all that time
to just listen to a
few christmas cd's
in the next store
they thought i was
like ancient history
in a time warp
out of touch
at last i found this one
it will also play my ipod
which i do own
although it's a hand me down
from my oldest son
the very first model
i just don't want to
take the time to put a bunch
of holiday music on it
maybe i am dating myself
but then i have to ask
if it involves six
different steps
twice the amount of time
and three pieces of equipment
is that progress

1 comment:

Zoey's mom said...

Right there with you my friend.If I want the ipod to have new songs uploaded ... definitely enlisting the help from the younger generation!

Thank you for sending that beautiful love and light my way the other day.I felt it and appreciate it, more than you could ever know.