Monday, September 13, 2010

i'm feeling a new synergy...

i received
the latest issue
of sew beautiful...
... today
as always
it's better than
eating chocolate
for a short while at least
i first leaf through the pages
and then return to
relish in each
magnificent creation
my quick look through
of issue 132, 2010
revealed a synergy
i haven't seen in quite a while
and i have been reading
sewing magazines for
a long...
...long time
just how far back does my
personal stash go...
early 1991
for threads, and sew news
sew beautiful
and a collection of various quilt
back to this synergy
a new excitement it seems
is it just me
or do the lines seem to be
the parallels extracted
i'm seeing fashions in the quilters editions
and quilts in...
sew beautiful
i'm feeling so happy
energized and thrilled
no longer are exclusions being
it seems
rather a synergy
an interaction of forces
which creates the end result
to be greater than it's parts

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