Monday, September 20, 2010

joy, joy, joy...

today my heart
with happiness...

( photo from Kathy Davis website)

i had a visit with dj
my connection to
free spirit fabrics
for our shop
she unrolled several samples
nice but just not me
and then she
brought my heart to a flutter
there before me
was fabric
i know of her
from the greeting card world
she paints
what i see when i close my eyes
simply joyful
i am excited beyond words


Darlene Gerber said...

So when will you have the fabric in the store?

Joyce said...

Hi Darlene, It's a December delivery for the next collection.

Melissa Schulz said...

Hi Joyce!
I work with Kathy and we are so pleased that you are a fan of the fabric collections! Kathy is in the Cleveland area a couple of times a year - maybe we could arrange for you to meet...? Please contact me directly @
Melissa Schulz