Monday, September 6, 2010

new meaning to old photos...

my daughter and i
have been posting
old photos...
on her blog
a look back
twenty years ago today
i think it helps
young families
who have a child with down syndrome
see where we've been
often in the same place they are today
and then see a glimpse into the
possibilities of where they
might be
in twenty years
sarah has taught us so much
she has accomplished
great things
yet even i am sometimes
surprised by what a photo shares
until just recently
i would have only seen the baby
her adorable smile
her cute overalls
embellished by a mom
who sleeps little
worried about her daughter's breathing
i see in that photo
a quilt
that i made
for my parents
a machine pieced log cabin
stitched in the ditch
and tied with yarn
a new technique i learned
after a class at a local quilt store
that i fondly remember
today that same daughter
now a young adult
and i
are putting together a class list
in our own quilt store
not likely
rather another chapter in the
grand master plan
one that has been laid out
from the beginning

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