Monday, August 16, 2010

cottonpickers purple...

early this morning
i received a phone call
from a fellow...
quilt shop owner
did i just say
fellow quilt shop owner
i'm still getting used to that
she called to wish me good luck
a special group
these quilt shop gals
i'm proud
and excited to be among them
the funny thing is
i was planning to
visit her shop this afternoon
after dropping sarah off
at a music camp close by
i didn't tell her though
i just walked in
to surprise her
located in historic madison, ohio
charming and endearing
friendly beyond measure
and look what i found
lots and lots of purple

sorry this is fuzzy
i had my son's camera
and have yet to figure out
how to operate it
yet i did not want to miss
posting this
for memory sake
meeting beth is like seeing
a long lost friend
you'll feel like
you've known her for years
be sure to stop in
if you're out her way


Anonymous said...

Wonderful to see the threads of fabric bringing everyone in a Community closer together. That is the way it should always be! Wish to have been met with such welcoming arms myself.

When my daughter goes to sleep I always tell her to close her eyes and imagine she is in a world of relaxes and soothes the mind - may it always do the same for you with all that you do!

Peg said...

Just found your blog this morning - congratulations on your recent shop opening. Wish I lived anywhere nearby to be able to visit you in person, but....I'll keep visiting through blogger-land. blessings