Thursday, August 19, 2010

vickie in violet

i first noticed
her necklace
when she walked...

into the store
it was a beautiful shade of
my favorite you know
she introduced herself as vickie
and then went walking about
a short while later
she happened to mention
she was waiting for kate
and then a little flicker
that she was about
to be a cover girl
holy cow
i thought to myself
i have such talent in the room
i was instantly star struck
giddy like a little girl
then i read her blog post
i'm so thankful for the review
and then kate too
i'm grateful
so, so grateful to you two

1 comment:

Vickie E said...

Joyce you are too kind :)
I was very happy to be there. I am happy that we will now have a modern quilt shop in my area...I have already made 4 items with the Halloween fabrics that I bought. I hope to show the tutorials and ideas on my blog in the next couple of weeks. I will definitely link to your store for most of the supplies! The only thing I added was Indo USA hand towels. I was so tempted to drive up again this weekend. Although I want to I might wait until there are a few more new Moda lines...yardage that I need. But I definitely want to come back.