Saturday, August 21, 2010

driving miss daisy...

this is a first
john in the front seat
me in the back seat...
and TJ
our oldest son
we joked about
driving miss daisy
yet i took the opportunity
to discuss the very
difficult role
that adult children
sometimes have to make
taking the keys from their
aging parents
we have had a rash
of serious accidents
in northeast ohio this summer
involving fatalities
caused by aging folks
who became
confused and disoriented
the latest taking the lives of
a grandfather
and his two grandchildren
aged five and seven
in most cases a
son or daughter was interviewed
and the response was the same
i knew he/she was having...
but i didn't think
it would affect their driving
take a minute to think
about your own parents
as difficult as it is
as inconvenient as it might be
should they still be driving

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