Tuesday, June 7, 2011

with the last child...

there is
a greater sense
of finality...

...this will be my last
junior high promotion ceremony
the last time of selecting
 an outfit that fits
 and works in a hot gym
the final speech from a
junior high principal
it's the day the 8th graders
officially become high schoolers
a moment of passage
from one level to another
a time for them to reflect
and prepare for
the next four important years
it also has a sense
 of finality for me it seems
my baby
my last child
is growing up
way too fast at times
yet right on schedule
i'm so proud of you matt
you are finding yourself
with each and every day
and your place in this
life we live
i can't wait to see what
you do with your high school years
i know it will be a journey
 one i am happy to be a part of
congratulations son
you're now officially a
brush arc

1 comment:

Kwilt Noob said...

What a great looking kid! Congratulations to him and to you too, Mom!