Friday, June 17, 2011

smoky pfaff...

on a silver platter
not exactly what i
was expecting...

guess that is what i get
for reading my daily
i bid on another
pfaff 1475
and won
or so i thought
it arrived today
first observation by my friendly ups man
the box is not the greatest
definitely not packed
like the others i've received
still i grabbed the scissors
delicately sliced the tape open
and was immediately
overcome with the disgusting
odor of rank, stale cigarette smoke
 i said over and over with each
item i removed
i was nearly sick to my stomach

then once i cut off the bubble wrap
 securing the machine
this piece fell
onto the counter
i picked it up
upon closer inspection
the component that holds it in place
is clearly broken off
in disgust i put it all back into the box
and put it out on the back porch

where it sat
the rest of the afternoon
 and each person who went by
 commented on the smell
i went upstairs to my office
to gather the print out
of the ebay listing
no mention of smoke or
broken parts
i sent a message to the seller
she responded by calling
 our local pfaff dealer
they told her it is normal for that
part to come off
happens with age
if they can't fix it
they will glue it
now i am suspicious
of all my other machines
that i have paid to have
repaired there
is glue holding them together
and that got me thinking
is there a greater message here
what am i suppose to learn
then it dawned on me
i will be handed
a golden opportunity
on a silver platter
this old dog
 just needs to learn a few new tricks
break old habits
now i get it
i think i will go exploring
for a new bernina


Darlene Gerber said...

Joyce I have a twenty year old Pfaff that has not broken yet? I will have to check with you on your repair place! I would hate to have to give up on my Pfaff Walking foot! Good luck getting the smoke smell out.

Anonymous said...

How sad, I'm sorry that you got ripped off! I hope you did not pay too much for it.
I'm personally a very happy Elna/Janome owner..(well and then some other machines too :) )

Anonymous said...

Cigarette smoke gives me asthma attacks-I am sorry you too must smell it!
I have a Pfaff 1471 that I love so much that I continued to sew on it for 8 years AFTER I got a Bernina Artista 180. But my daughter took that, so I am taking classes to learn how to sew on the Bernina.
I suppose it is an ok machine, but I miss the Pfaff snap on feet-the Bernina are harder to put on! And the thread cutter is in the wrong place, and you can't wind a bobbin without unthreading the machine.
And if you mess up the thread in the machine, it takes an Allen wrench to remove the side cover-teacher says that is to keep things out of there, since you could short out the computer if you aren't cafefull-sigh. I do miss my Pfaff. Also, I am constantly being told to treat everything more gently...seems Bernina is more delicate than the Pfaff. But I will think positively-I will learn to love my Bernina!

Anonymous said...

Nothing wrong with that part. Place is back and tighten the screw from the top. You can find it by looking richt of the handlebar.