Tuesday, June 21, 2011

mia kareen is home...

this precious angelic
adorable little girl
stole my heart...

tucked away in an orphange
far away in the ukraine
simply because
she has down syndrome
mia and i share a birthdate
january 15
last year on our special day
knowing she had just found her
forever family
was a great blessing to me
while sarah and i were away
at quilt market in salt lake city
we were able to
mia's new sister
her new mom kecia and dad chris
were just about ready to leave
to bring her home
they have been gone
over a month
and just this week
with her new loving family
another amazing miracle
made possible by reece's rainbow

1 comment:

kecia said...

oh love that post! thank you for sharing and being a part of her miracle!