Thursday, June 2, 2011

questions with no answers...

there are times in life
when one must
rely solely on faith...
erin gaydos carlisle
2/18/1986 ~ 5/30/2011
...for there are no answers
no explanations
no foreseeable reasons
that such a beautiful
young woman
having just celebrated
 her first year of marriage
her twenty fifth birthday
working in a field
of helping others
would be taken from her loving
husband, parents and family
so soon
erin's mother and i worked together
when my precious sarah was born
marianne was such a support
helping to link me to services
in the community
offering her ears and shoulders
as i needed them
i truly cannot imagine
the pain she must now be feeling
unfathomable to the human heart
i know their strong faith
will guide them through these
darkest of days
my prayers are with you
gaydos and carlisle families


Zoey's mom said...

Sending prayers to you Joyce and your sad,sad heart.Where would we be without our faith?Lost I would imagine.

Kwilt Noob said...

I saw this tragedy on the news last night. I am so sorry for that whole family. Such a horrible loss. I thought it seemed as if your usual bright light was a bit dimmed when I saw you yesterday. I will keep you and the Gaydos family in my thoughts.

Groves said...

You are so right; questions with no answers. I am so sad to read this, Joyce.