Wednesday, June 1, 2011

the fallin' arches...

i've always been
a flip flop
kinda gal...
...whether they're
in style or out of style
i have collected
quite the pile over the years
in as many colors
 as i can find
in a big ole size ten
i used to wear them
until late last summer
when my arches
started to fall
by then i just pulled out
 the winter shoes
we've had just enough
spring now for me to know
it's time
time to head to a store
for finding a pair
of sandals
with dare i say it
arch support
 the slide on the other side of fifty
is mighty quick
so how do you like my new
purple no less
i'm pretty excited
better than i expected
and my feet seem
 painfreely happy

1 comment:

Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

Way pretty! I have to say...My very favorite and supportive, sandals are Chacos. You might want to check them out, too. =)