Sunday, May 13, 2012

a new role as mother...

today as we
mother's day...

...i am so very blessed
to be given the opportunity
to begin a new journey
i will soon be
 a mother-in-law
i do not take this role
i am aware that my actions
 as such
can strengthen
or destroy
the relationship i have
with my son

i hope to be
positive and encouraging
kind and supportive
helpful and fair
i hope i can be
when they need me
putting their
needs above my own

i hope my actions
will speak louder
than my words
and my heart will shine
with pride for both of them
at all times

 if in my
 humanly ways
i fail at these requests
i hope
 to have the ability
to admit my own faults
and apologize
for the mistakes i make

for my greatest gift
as a mother
is watching the love
i have shared with my boy
now be shared
with the love of his life

as they begin
their new journey together
i pray as a mother
for all those around
both near and far
to put aside
whatever differences
 might exist
to come to a place
of forgiveness

for these two
need your support
and they deserve your
unconditional love
all photos taken on 3.31.12
the day of tj + julie's engagement

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mamabug said...

That was just beautiful!! Your words?