Monday, May 7, 2012

fact or fiction

from the time
i was
a little girl...

i've always found
enjoyment in reading
during the summer
my mother and i
would drive to the local library
twice a week
once home
i'd search for unique spots
to open the newest book
it could be on the roof
in a tree
on top of a large culvert pipe
by the pool
hiding in a corn field
it didn't matter
i just loved to pretend
 i was whatever
character i most enjoyed
the fantasy, the dreaming
most intrigued me
 i had the privelege of dining
with a new york times best selling author
marie bostwick
she writes fiction
yet as we chatted
 throughout our meal
i learned that
fiction is not always make believe
in fact
it is often just that
 intertwined with dreams
as she described her newest book
i was mesmerized
it so follows segments
of my life
it is almost scary
 the funny thing about fiction
to you
 it will be
more like make believe
and maybe i
can pretend
the happy outcome
is my ever after

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