Wednesday, May 23, 2012

here's looking at you...

who me
yes you
no really...

i knew the camera
was coming
to interview sarah
and then
i found myself
looking directly into the
big round lense
with a microphone on my lapel
i'm not one to stand
in front of the camera
i prefer to be on the other side
yet the story is so
i feel like i've prepared
 for a lifetime
to be able to share it
of course i did not know that
was the direction
 it was headed
as i sewed night and day
for several decades
it just fell into place
so very grateful it did
and so happy to share in the
friendships we've made
a huge thank you
 to anchor woman kristi capel
camera man darsi ayres
and the editing team at fox 8 cleveland
click here to watch the segment

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