Monday, September 27, 2010

charmed living topper...

a few weeks ago
i had the pleasure...
... of driving
out to madison ohio
while looking about
in the charming store
i discovered an adorable
table topper
a customer informed me
it was a pattern designed
by the store owner's daughter
sure enough
beth told me all about
rebecca and her patterns
this weekend
i stitched my own version
of charmed living topper
complete with a few mistakes
i really should read the directions
still i love how it looks
by deb strain for moda
just the perfect size
and colors for my favorite
time of the year

Monday, September 20, 2010

joy, joy, joy...

today my heart
with happiness...

( photo from Kathy Davis website)

i had a visit with dj
my connection to
free spirit fabrics
for our shop
she unrolled several samples
nice but just not me
and then she
brought my heart to a flutter
there before me
was fabric
i know of her
from the greeting card world
she paints
what i see when i close my eyes
simply joyful
i am excited beyond words

Sunday, September 19, 2010

ribbon hair falls...

i accidentally
upon amazing creations
in my quest
for all things purple
like tonight
ribbon hair falls
the etsy description says
they are seen
from weddings
to roller derbys
which reminds me
that my friend marcia
and i
were going to go see the
now we must

Thursday, September 16, 2010

big boxes = burnt dinner

oh happy day
two boxes
were waiting...
for me when i walked
into the kitchen
last night
i quickly carried them
into my creative room
ran upstairs to
start dinner
then went back to open my boxes
big mistake
i immediately
became so engrossed
in the new
fun stuff
i forgot about dinner...

...until i hear
my youngest son scream
the hash browns
are on fire
i'm surprised the smoke detector
didn't sound
i quickly put the pan outside
in the grill
to cool off
best go to plan b
next time
the family is going to hide
my boxes
until after dinner

Monday, September 13, 2010

i'm feeling a new synergy...

i received
the latest issue
of sew beautiful...
... today
as always
it's better than
eating chocolate
for a short while at least
i first leaf through the pages
and then return to
relish in each
magnificent creation
my quick look through
of issue 132, 2010
revealed a synergy
i haven't seen in quite a while
and i have been reading
sewing magazines for
a long...
...long time
just how far back does my
personal stash go...
early 1991
for threads, and sew news
sew beautiful
and a collection of various quilt
back to this synergy
a new excitement it seems
is it just me
or do the lines seem to be
the parallels extracted
i'm seeing fashions in the quilters editions
and quilts in...
sew beautiful
i'm feeling so happy
energized and thrilled
no longer are exclusions being
it seems
rather a synergy
an interaction of forces
which creates the end result
to be greater than it's parts

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

new ink...

with all the
hustle and bustle
of the new store...
i have been neglecting
my stampin' up!
in an earlier post
i shared the much talked about
color renovation
a complete shake up
of the color palette
i love when new colors
are introduced
gives new life to my creativity
i had yet to order in
any new colors
so today i got busy
to see just what i needed
i can't wait for the box to arrive
i think i will first pair
marina mist
and early espresso
might even throw in
some cherry cobbler
just for fun

Monday, September 6, 2010

new meaning to old photos...

my daughter and i
have been posting
old photos...
on her blog
a look back
twenty years ago today
i think it helps
young families
who have a child with down syndrome
see where we've been
often in the same place they are today
and then see a glimpse into the
possibilities of where they
might be
in twenty years
sarah has taught us so much
she has accomplished
great things
yet even i am sometimes
surprised by what a photo shares
until just recently
i would have only seen the baby
her adorable smile
her cute overalls
embellished by a mom
who sleeps little
worried about her daughter's breathing
i see in that photo
a quilt
that i made
for my parents
a machine pieced log cabin
stitched in the ditch
and tied with yarn
a new technique i learned
after a class at a local quilt store
that i fondly remember
today that same daughter
now a young adult
and i
are putting together a class list
in our own quilt store
not likely
rather another chapter in the
grand master plan
one that has been laid out
from the beginning

Sunday, September 5, 2010

blessed by backing...

it was late
very late
in the evening
i just finished piecing
the border around the acorn
it was becoming a cute wall hanging
for the upcoming fall season
a rich combination of colors
reminding me of my
favorite season in ohio
but where was the backing
i did not seem to have
enough yardage to
complete the project
i hate being in that situation
in the middle of the night
then i remembered
i do have keys
to a store
with fabric
how lucky i thought
and how very truly blessed
it still hasn't totally
sunk in
i now own bolts
not just a stash
with cuts and pieces

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

monkey shine...

i was beside
this third child of mine
he's a handful
to say the least
tests us every chance he gets
it was only the fourth
day of school
and already a confrontation
and then
pictures arrived
from his trip to miami
they told me he had a backstage visit
with the monkeys
he loved it
the little things loved him back
that's because he's a natural
with animals
and people
just not rules and school
i need to remember that