Tuesday, August 31, 2010

for the tears...

i hoped
and prayed

had been made
we have worked so hard
never giving up
offering support
and time
money even
yet we are
right back where we started
its heart breaking
i'm torn in pieces
i want it to be different
i need understanding
i want peace
why is that so hard

Monday, August 30, 2010

new rubber...

his question
caught me
off guard

this is jason
hi jason
your car's ready
oh great i'll be there soon
are you excited
excited about what
your new tires
oh...do women get excited about new tires
sure they do
a few hours later after driving...
hi honey i made it to the wedding
the new tires are like butter
very smooth
i guess i just admitted
i'm excited about new rubber
who knew

Friday, August 27, 2010


there's nothing like
a quiet
friday night
in the studio
with the form behind me
i was able to play
with awesome
and yes indeed
it is awesome
i decided to outline the leaves
and the stem
with a blanket stitch
by hand
had not done that in a while
it felt good
and i love the look
it gave to my leaf

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


my favorite
time of year
is just around...
...the corner
and i have just the thing
to prepare
a charm pack of awesome
and acorn alley
the pattern
i even found a great
leaf template
to use for quilting
but not so fast
i have the dreaded
pile of paperwork
to complete for my
daughter's school program
awesome will have to wait
until tomorrow

Monday, August 23, 2010

admitting addiction

i am an addict
i know this
have for years
i cannot live
without a camera
my last one was dropped
so many times
the last fall
did it in
so off i went
to find a new love
i look and look and look
then always go back
to a canon powershot
whichever model
double aa batteries
because i can
buy them anywhere
i learned that the hard way
several years back
on a canoe trip in
the middle of nowhere
campground and general stores
do not stock camera batteries
so sx120 is
it will be
wrapped so prettily in a
purple box

Saturday, August 21, 2010

driving miss daisy...

this is a first
john in the front seat
me in the back seat...
and TJ
our oldest son
we joked about
driving miss daisy
yet i took the opportunity
to discuss the very
difficult role
that adult children
sometimes have to make
taking the keys from their
aging parents
we have had a rash
of serious accidents
in northeast ohio this summer
involving fatalities
caused by aging folks
who became
confused and disoriented
the latest taking the lives of
a grandfather
and his two grandchildren
aged five and seven
in most cases a
son or daughter was interviewed
and the response was the same
i knew he/she was having...
but i didn't think
it would affect their driving
take a minute to think
about your own parents
as difficult as it is
as inconvenient as it might be
should they still be driving

Thursday, August 19, 2010

vickie in violet

i first noticed
her necklace
when she walked...

into the store
it was a beautiful shade of
my favorite you know
she introduced herself as vickie
and then went walking about
a short while later
she happened to mention
she was waiting for kate
and then a little flicker
that she was about
to be a cover girl
holy cow
i thought to myself
i have such talent in the room
i was instantly star struck
giddy like a little girl
then i read her blog post
i'm so thankful for the review
and then kate too
i'm grateful
so, so grateful to you two

Monday, August 16, 2010

cottonpickers purple...

early this morning
i received a phone call
from a fellow...
quilt shop owner
did i just say
fellow quilt shop owner
i'm still getting used to that
she called to wish me good luck
a special group
these quilt shop gals
i'm proud
and excited to be among them
the funny thing is
i was planning to
visit her shop this afternoon
after dropping sarah off
at a music camp close by
i didn't tell her though
i just walked in
to surprise her
located in historic madison, ohio
charming and endearing
friendly beyond measure
and look what i found
lots and lots of purple

sorry this is fuzzy
i had my son's camera
and have yet to figure out
how to operate it
yet i did not want to miss
posting this
for memory sake
meeting beth is like seeing
a long lost friend
you'll feel like
you've known her for years
be sure to stop in
if you're out her way

Saturday, August 14, 2010

looking into the future...

today was simply
in so many ways

the grand opening of our store
this week
exceeded our expectations
in every way
i have hundreds
of photos i could share
yet it is this
you see above
that captures my soul
embraces my goal
of sharing
my love of fabric
and stitching
with the next generation
i first met mackenzie a few weeks ago
when her father brought her along
while he finished installing
our cabinetry
she was curious about our vision
i showed her some fabric
gave her a charm pack from
and a bag from moda
along with the newest catalog of fabric
her excitment melted my heart
she returned today
with her moda bag under her arm
the corners of the catalog
now appearing well worn
she recited the names of the new collections
and recognized happy in a frame
she could not wait to meet a designer
her enthusiasm barely contained
her smile glowed from ear to ear as
kate spain wrote her name

Monday, August 2, 2010

two dozen...

years as mr. & mrs.
nineteen eighty six to twenty ten
seems like just yesterday
we said i do
and now
here we are
invited to witness
the love of our
friend's children
thank you
for the magic
for dancing when given a chance
for your unconditional love
your unwavering support
for just being you
happy 24th anniversary
i love you more today
than i ever thought