Sunday, June 13, 2010

what a feeling...

...of pride
the day
your first born
graduates from college
i look over to the
business section
all 828 of them
knowing he's in there somewhere
and then my cell phone rings
4th row above the eleven
aisle seat

and i was able to go directly
over to where he was located
for an up close shot
i recognize immediately
that difference in 2010
from my day in 1983

then i managed to find a seat
with some breeze
i guess i kinda look like an only child
not for long though
once my family spotted me
from the other side of the stadium
the little one came a running

good thing
the graduate was so hot
he needed a snow cone break
i love watching these two share
brings warm fuzzies to my heart
this kid is always eating
i can't seem to fill him up
so glad they had
the regular stadium food vendors
open today
guess with a crowd this size
on a hot humid day
they would have to

after a few hours
a commencement address
by david gergen
a truly touching and tear rendering
presentation of
distinguished service awards
to chris spielman
and his late wife stefanie
my son appears in the tunnel
with diploma under arm
the pride at the moment
is chest tightening

my heart swells again
this time with gratefulness
to watch the embrace
with a woman
a momma could only dream of
for her son
a high school sweetheart
arranged by the heavens
i believe
a father son moment
now both buckeye alums
one connection that can
never be taken
away or broken

the first moment of seeing
your name in print
letting it soak in
the culmination of your
hard work
during the past four years

tj and dave
childhood friends
percussion enthusiasts
college roommates and
now fellow grads
of the fisher college of business administration

i love this quote
business is a hybrid
of dancing
and calculations

so proud of our
magna cum laude
and quite impressed that
the ohio state university
at the 392nd commencement
is able to present
the actual
to 8,652 students
the 2010 class
being the largest ever

a bittersweet day
saying goodbye
to your friends
the innocent freedom that college offers
to this beautiful complex
on the northeast corner of campus
specifically designed for
business students

tj we are so immensely proud
of your determination
your hard work
your dedication
to both the classroom
and your family

your commitment to julie
your genuine belief
in all things good

as you walk forward
with confidence
dad and i wish you a bright and
amazing future
we feel so blessed and honored to
be a part of it

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